Privacy Policy – Company House

  1. In this section, you will learn about the Company House’s privacy policy in light of its working stature. Company House respects and honors the user’s data and information that they provide while using the service on our website.
    However, Company House will never, in any way possible, provide personal data to any of the third-party service providers until or unless, the user authenticates us to do so.
    Company House’s Privacy Policy distinguishes the difference as to how the data will be gathered, stored, and used by the company itself and the other services that work as a third-party service provider.
    The user must know that Company House does not authenticate to gather personal information, such as email address, age, gender, etc. from them, however, the user can knowingly provide such information on the website, with their consent.
    The information must be used only to provide offers, features, and promotions to its users or to get their consent about using their personal information for business-related activities.
  2. This section is to aware the user of the possibilities that will be mentioned below about releasing a portion or whole information of the user to any third party if required.
    1. Complying with Legal Processes, including court orders, search warrants, etc.
    2. Violation of Terms and Conditions or any guidelines provided by Company House.
    3. Protection of Legal Rights, Users’ Property, and Data of Company House.
    4. Investigate, Prevention, and Restriction of any Illegal Activity, such as frauds, potential threats, and integrity of Company House.
Effective date: 29 July 2023